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UHSV The Wombats

The Wombats is a relatively small baseball and softball club, aiming at students and former students. The Wombats has 2 women’s softball teams, 2 men’s softball teams and 3 baseball teams. We practice on Wednesday evenings; games take place during the rest of the week. During the season, The Wombats also in large numbers take part in the European championships, the world baseball championships, the Haarlemse Honkbalweek (Haarlem Baseball Week) and our own tournaments and parties.


Membership fees 

Please check for more information. 


Further information

Are you interested in playing baseball or softball at The Wombats? Join us during two free practice sessions. If you then decide to become a Wombat, you can complete the online registration form on or you can sent an email to the secretary. Please make sure you first read all information about our membership fees and the student discount. 


In case of any further questions: send an e-mail to our secretary Emily van den Berg ( 

Sportpark Weltevreden
Sportpark Weltevreden

Voordorpsedijk 73

3737 BM De Bilt

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