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Yoga for staff

Business Yoga - Shine at work and let your work shine -


The real essence of work is concentrated energy.
Walter Bagehot


To a lot of people, a working week often feels like an overworked week. High work pressure, tight deadlines and multitasking while using both hands and feet. Your work is like an elite sports activity. You have to be on the ball and perform well continuously. It is the place you spend more time and are more active at than at home. How good it would be if your work gave you energy back. You would go to work with a smile and come back home with a smile. 


When you deploy your strengths in the right way, your work will indeed generate more energy than it uses up. As if your body palpably and visibly profits and ‘pays’ you back in concentration, strength and satisfaction. You are more balanced, fitter and more powerful, even when your work doesn’t always allow for it. In short, you put your energy into your work and your work gives you energy back. 


You won’t have to read about mindfulness or make good intentions. You can just work on yourself at and during work. With yoga for staff, you apply mindfulness, yoga and Pilates to your working environment. It won’t cost you any time, it will give you extra time. You will learn to relax during your hard work, become aware of every moment and take responsibility for your own peace and health.


In 10 weeks, we will apply accessible themes to you, your wishes and your objectives. 

1. Introduction Discover your own body and mind
2. Energy & strength Focus, performance, strength
3. Balance & posture  Assurance, stability, work posture
4. Concentration & breathing Concentration, engagement
5. Flexibility & assertiveness Multi-tasking, pro-activity
6. Exertion & relaxation Balance, work atmosphere, satisfaction
7. Pressure & stress Work pressure, priorities
8. Awareness & endurance Challenge, feel your limits, condition
9. Overwork & working from home Work attitude, laptop/tablet, peace
10. Repeating various exercises Repeating the most important elements


Above all, yoga for staff is simple, accessible, personal and enjoyable.


An OlymPas is required if you want to follow this course. The OlymPas needs to be valid for the whole length of the course. Registration is possible from two week before the start of the course. You can register online, by adding the course to your shopping trolley, or at the Service Desk.

Course periods

This ten-week course will be offered in period 1 to 4
For the schedules (days/hours) of the current or next period, check the red table below. 


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