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U.S.Z. & W.F. Het Zinkstuk

Do you enjoy water sports? Are you skilled at ball sports? Are you a fast-swimmer or would you like to become one? Join us at swimming or play water polo at Het Zinkstuk! Het Zinkstuk is a social student sports club that offers practice sessions at all levels, takes part in (student) competitions. In addition, Het Zinkstuk organises a range of social activities (pub quiz, weekend trips, Batavierenrace). We have something for everyone!


Practices take place in swimming pool de Kwakel and in de Krommerijn. For an impression of the practices, watch this video.


Curious? Then sign up for a free trial training via www.hetzinkstuk.nl/register. If you have any questions you can always send an email to bestuur@hetzinkstuk.nl.


Practice times
See for the practice times www.hetzinkstuk.nl.


Membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)
For more information about the membership fees go to www.hetzinkstuk.nl.


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Zwembad de Krommerijn Zwembad de Kwakel
Zwembad de Krommerijn
Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3
3584 AD Utrecht
Zwembad de Kwakel
Paranadreef 10
3563 AX Utrecht 

T. (030) 286 27 00

E. DeKwakel@utrecht.nl

Duration Rate A B C & X  
Registration 19-20 whole year € 0.- € 0.- € 0.- Add  
Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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