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Cross challenge

An extremely varied cross-fitness practice for all! If you want to improve your general fitness and strength, this is the workout for you. You will be practising in a small group with a strong focus on technique and responsible training. 


Each workout starts with an extensive preparation, which consists of a warming up and a session to increase your body’s mobility. You will then focus on the technical execution of the various exercises, to be followed by an intensive joint work-out of about 20-30 minutes. The lesson will conclude with a short cooling down session. 


The emphasis of the practice will change each week (from aerobic condition training to weight lifting or gymnastics). The lessons vary per day of the week, so you may wish to attend more than one course at the same time. 



Kratistos strength sports gym is situated in the parking garage (P+R Utrecht Science Park), right next to Olympos, the Kalymnos climbing wall and bus stop.


Registration for this course is possible from two week before the start of the course period. You can register online, by adding the course to your shopping trolley, or at the Service Desk. An OlymPas is required if you want to follow this course. Your OlymPas must be valid until at least the last week of the course. You also need to pay a small extra fee due to the limited group size.


Course periods

This ten-week course will be offered in period 1 to 5
For the schedules (days/hours) of the current or next period, check the red table below.

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