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Due to tightened guidelines of the national government, and in order to prevent further spreading of the corona virus, Sportcentrum Olympos is closed at least until 28 April.



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Running for staff

This running group lesson is specifically aimed at members of staff. 


Are you interested in taking up running? Or do you already have running experience and would you like to push your boundaries and increase your running distance? Or will you be running one of the distances of the Utrecht Marathon, to be held on 19 April 2020, and want to ensure that set off well-prepared? 


This running group lesson will provide you with an all-round practice including dynamic stretching, activating the core, and a focus on running techniques that will allow for easy, injury-free and efficient running. Both beginners and more advanced runners are welcome in this group lesson.  


After the warming up, we will run a specific track or play a speed game with varying running paces. You will be offered a varied programme that suits your physical capability; during the breaks we will all join up again. The instructor will offer feedback on the execution and, if required, suggest additional exercises to support your goal, e.g. strength training to become stronger and prevent injuries. You will also be given tips for alternative fitness workouts (free for OlymPas holders) in the event of injuries or bad weather. 


Running as a group is fun and very motivating. You will be running in the beautiful wooded area of Amelisweerd and the quieter parts of the Utrecht Science Park. The lessons will start from the Service Desk in the central lobby of Olympos.


The running group lessons are provided by Kjeld van Hees, a certified instructor with a wide experience at all levels. 


Participation in the group lessons is free for OlymPas holders. If you want to be sure of a place, you best book one in advance (see red table at the bottom of this page). 


Want to run more often without further costs?
You can also sign up for one of the running courses* on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (subject to availability). In this way, you can combine the Monday group lesson with a course session (on Tue, Wed or Thu). The fitness gym can also be used by OlymPas holders free of the charge. 


*NB: Participation in a course requires signing up for the full course period, i.e. a series of lessons on a set day and time. You can join no longer join a course after the fourth lesson. Read more


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Utrecht Marathon 19 April 2020: individual distances or USP Team Run

Are you interested in taking part in one of the individual distances of the Utrecht Marathon, powered by Utrecht Science Park on Sunday 19 April? Or do you want to form a team of colleagues and compete against other teams of the Utrecht Science Park in the USP Team Run (quarter marathon)?
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