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Update 26 June


Although it's great to be active outside, we are very happy that we will soon also have an indoor sports programme again.

Olympos is a multi-sports centre and we want to give space to both individual athletes and clubs. It goes without saying that we follow the applicable RIVM safety regulations and various protocols. The routes and timeslots of the various sports and indoor and outdoor locations must be well attuned to each other. In short, it requires thorough preparation. That is why we start up our indoor activities in phases and in a controlled way. 

Several indoor sports clubs will start their training shortly after 1 July. We will make our two fitness locations (the Olympos gym and Kratistos) and the dance halls for the group lessons '1.5-meterproof' and aim to go back inside again with our outdoor gym and group lessons from Monday 6 July. Also one of our squash courts will be open from 6 July onwards. And... our Sports cafe and terrace will be open and 'corona proof' soon (of course with limited capacity and menu, but we are very happy ;).

Please keep an eye on our media for more details and updates!

In the meantime, until 3 July you can still join our outdoor group lessons and train in the outdoor fitness, go climbing and play recreational tennis. You can find the current sports programme here


And if the weather is bad, join one of the many online home workouts at home.


Are you curious about the most up to date 'Protocol responsible sports' of NOC*NSF? Then click here.

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In addition to our outdoor group lessons, we will also keep providing the free online workouts which you can do at home. On the Olympos YouTube-channel you can find a range of varied, short and free home workouts. Not live, but with the option to watch them back. If you got a favourite one, you will be able to watch it as often as you please! We will regularly post new workouts on Facebook en Twitter.
Home workouts
The workouts range from yoga, cardio boxing, Tabata strength power and Cross challenge to steps, butt/belly home workouts, dance fitness and core workouts. The workouts usually last 20 to 40 minutes each. An ideal start or end to your day or an energising break. 
If you prefer something a little slower, you can also opt for one of the senior fitness home workouts. 
Running: exercises and schedules
If you prefer to keep up your fitness outdoors, start running! 
Our running instructors Dirk, Rafael and Kjeld recorded online strength, mobility and technique exercises as well as two-practices-a-week schedules both for beginners and more practised runners ( > 5 km). 
Moreover, you can also take part in the ‘real’ running practices, for various levels. Booking up in advance (for each individual lesson) is obligatory. 
Short active breaks
Do you just wish to break the long sessions of sitting at your desk, stretch your legs, relax your (neck/shoulder) muscles, or take your eyes off the screen? Attend a short active breaks of approx. 10 minutes! 
Tips by our instructors
Finally: our instructors have been sharing their favourite workouts on our Olympos Facebook page. They may inspire you. Enough options for sure!
All of our workouts can be found on our YouTube-channel. Or go directly to your favourite playlist:
Stay active, stay healthy and have fun! 
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Update 26 June 2020


For the latest update, click here.



Outdoor sports: let’s get on with it!

Update 18 May 2020 


Yes! The time has finally come, this week we will resume the first part of our outdoor sports programme. We are very happy that we can welcome you back again and offer you some sports activities! 


Adjusted programme
In accordance with the government measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, we will recommence with a staggered, controlled and limited range of programmes. Step by step we will add more classes and opportunities to be active. For that reason, our programme and the information on our website will be regularly updated. Please see which activities are currently available


Safety regulations
Obviously, the start of an ‘outdoor only’ programme asks for creative solutions and adaptations. In order to provide a safe environment it is important that everyone observes the safety rules and regulations. Make sure that you take note of all the regulations before you come to Olympos. Click here to read them


Unfortunately, until 1 September, no indoor sports activities are allowed. Competitions or events are not permitted either. The Sports Café, terrace, changing rooms, showers and toilets remain closed. 


We wish you lots of sportive fun and hope to see you soon!  


Outdoor sports activities to recommence soon! 

Update 13 May 2020
Dear Athletes,

Last week, the government announced that as of this week athletes of 18 years and above could also be active again outdoors, be it under specific conditions. This is great news! After a miserable and quiet period we now cannot wait to recommence part of our activities. This does, however, require careful preparation. We would like to update you on this.
We are currently working hard to create a 1.5 m sports programme which is safe for all. We would like to provide space for individual athletes as well as sports clubs and are trying to come to an optimal utilisation. Obviously, all of the activities at our multi-sports accommodation will have to be well-coordinated and meet the safety regulations and protocols of the RIVM, NOC*NSF, sports federations and municipality. In short: this will take time.  
Just to be clear: what is not possible yet? 

Playing matches and using the changing rooms and showers is not yet permitted. We further regret that no indoor sports activities are allowed until 1 September. Also the Sports Café must remain closed until 1 September. Events are not permitted either. Read more about the steps that the government hopes to take in the next few months. 
What are we currently working on?

In summary: we are working on an adjusted schedule for group lessons for those activities that can be conducted outdoors. We are preparing our tennis courts and the Kalymnos climbing wall according to the protocols. We are planning timeslots for the (advance) booking of the various activities. We are talking to the outdoor sports clubs about restarting their practices. We are creating (alternative) routes to and from the various parts of the accommodation in order to avoid crowd forming. Obviously, we are also taking stock of what is needed in terms of hygiene, cleaning and supervision with regard to the various activities.  
Restarting the activities will have to take place staggered and batched. Keep checking your mailbox (and your spam filter!) and the Olympos media channels (this website, Facebook, Twitter) to find out when the various facilities will reopen again!  


Some of you have asked about the option of restitution. We do understand your questions. Unfortunately, we cannot fully answer them yet. We are discussing this also with our stakeholders. What is clear is that as a non-profit organisation the forced closure in this force majeure situation has had an enormous (financial) impact on us. These are – also in that respect – tense times. 

In the meantime…

... you do not have to remain inactive but can already take part in the many online workouts. Start or end your study or working day with an enjoyable home workout of 20 to 40 minutes! Or take an active 10 minute break. Pick your choice! 
All of our workouts can be found on our YouTube-channel. Or go directly to your favourite playlist:

Our instructors have shared their favourite online workouts on Facebook.  
Finally: thank you all so much for your support, understanding, patience and positive reactions in these challenging times both for you and for us. 


Our instructors and other members of staff are excited to welcome you back again soon. Further details will follow shortly; we will keep you posted. 
Stay safe, keep active and hope to see you soon at Olympos! 
With sportive regards,  

Team Olympos

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